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Nimbus9 offers a range of modules that help automate all steps of the property management process to maximize workforce efficiency and with low cost, while offering real-time tracking and reporting on financial and performance data so you have full visibility and control over the things that matter.

Nimbus9 is a fully integrated system that consists of several modules and ensures a low-cost system that will not be affected by cash flow. Where every company in the property industry can make use of modules to ensure control of the operation effectively.

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Whether you're working in an office, on-the-go, or looking to streamline financials, we've got you covered.

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Increased Efficiency On Your Operational Processes

Nimbus9 will cut valuable processing time, provide real-time information, provide easier and more flexible access to valuable information, streamline various processes and tasks, and ultimately leading to increase productivity levels.

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Automate Fully Integrated System

Automate all steps of the properties management process by implementing an enterprise resource planning (ERP) system to the software. Integrates an array of applications, including your financial & accounting system and other key operations.

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Increase Assets Life Span

Preventive maintenance saves money by reducing the number of breakdowns and emergency repairs that business experiences each year. Assets will last longer, and overall maintenance spending will be greatly reduced.

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Easier And Improved Reporting Capabilities

Nimbus9 will significantly help the process of reporting process easier and more customizable. Your company can easily respond to any complex data requests. We provide comprehensive reports on facilities, and other information on the system.

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Make Sure Staff Are Properly Equipped

Nimbus9 will empower your field staff by arming them with the latest information they can access instantly. The right information will allow them to make effective decisions in the field, moving from job to job efficiently.

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Tenant And Management Relation

Nimbus9 allows the management to share information and assign tasks to their colleagues while keeping tracks of tenants, leases, units, and properties. Stay in touch, manage requests and complaints, manage the collection of all documents.


Nimbus9 ERP Systems

We utilize cutting-edge technology to enhance the experience of occupants, sustain optimal levels of performance and reduce the costs of building operations.



Streamlined to Simplify Processes, Time & Costs


Preventive Maintanance

Security Patrol, Cleanliness, Engineering & Pest Control


Tenant Relation

Quickly And Effectively Treat Your Problem


Financial & Accounting

Record, Sort And Analyse All The Financial Transactions


Report & Records

Reporting Easier And More Customizable



Effectively Enforce Health, Safety And Environment

We are ensuring
that everything runs smoothly

Features 1

Manage Units Easily

Units property information will be recorded in details on the system, the management can access it through dashboard

Features 2

Realtime Checklist Accessibility

Security Patrol, Cleanliness, Engineering, Pest Control, Safety Control, and Field Findings can be accessed through application.

Features 3

Creates Report Easily

Reports of Finance, Complaints, Engineering, (Kwh Electricity & Water), Pest Control, Safety Control, and Field Findings quickly, precisely and accurately.

Features 4

Reduce The Use Of Paper (Paperless)

Invoice, Reports & checklist, correspondance, agreements & contracs and other documents saves it to an electronic archive in system.

Features 5

Automatic Reminders

Automatically update tenant Receipt Invoice, Payment and Contract Due Period

Features 6

Data Privacy

Your privacy is our concern, All of your information and data privacy is well protected